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Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. A variability chart is one of many useful tools that can be used to measure variation. For this Instructable we are going look at defects by line, operator and shift to gain a better understanding of where, when and who are generating the best and worse results. A good way to think of this is: You are seeing a lot of defects and want to understand where they're coming from; line, shift operator etc Note there are other free software's available but I find JMP to be very user friendly and this is the software I use a work.

All data must be in a numerical fashion Data must be composed vertically as seen in the attached images Ensure your data is properly sorted to reduce the chance of inaccurate results. Failure to follow this step will result in your chart not being saved. A Standardize X option, which centers and scales individual variables that are included in a polynomial effect prior to applying the centering and scaling options. Import covering arrays created by other software; analyze coverage and optionally further optimize.

Variograms serve as a visual diagnostic to determine which, if any, spatial correlation structure is most appropriate. Decision tree method to identify the consumer segments most likely to respond favorably to an offer or treatment. SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

In fact, you can customize every aspect of JMP, including: Graph axis settings, styles, graphs and colors. Statistical and graphical elements presented in a JMP report. Your environment for scripting and application development. Benefits Predictive modeling At the heart of data mining are the advanced tools to fit large models that generalize well with new data.

Cross-validation For effective predictive modeling, you need sound ways to validate your model, and with a large model, you can easily get into trouble over-fitting. Model comparison In the real world, some kinds of models fit well in certain situations but fit poorly in others. Modern modeling Generalized regression is a class of new modeling techniques well suited to building better models, even with challenging data.

Advanced multivariate techniques JMP Pro includes several advanced techniques to build better models when faced with data problems that require multivariate fitting methods. Variable clustering. Reliability Block Diagram Often, you are faced with analyzing the reliability of a more complex analytical system — a RAID storage array with multiple hard drives, or an airplane with four engines, for example.

Covering arrays Covering arrays are used in testing applications where factor interactions may lead to failures. Mixed models Mixed models let you analyze data that involves both time and space. Uplift models You may want to maximize the impact of your limited marketing budget by sending offers only to individuals who are likely to respond favorably. Share and communicate results. Boosted trees. K-nearest neighbors prediction K-NN. Support for validation column. Neural network modeling Automated handling of missing data.

Automatic selection of the number of hidden units using gradient boosting. Fit both one- and two-layer neural networks.

Production line quality control: straightness and lenght measurement, mark detection, PLC comm

Automated transformation of input variables. Three activation functions Hyperbolic Tangent, Linear, Gaussian.

Solved: Which Control Chart to use? - JMP User Community

Save randomly generated cross-validation columns. Save transformed covariates. Stepwise regression Support for validation column. Logistic regression nominal and ordinal Support for validation column. Discriminant analysis Support for validation column. Standard Least Squares Support for validation column. Cross-Validation General approach using validation column and validation role in modeling platform launch dialogs.

Validation Column Utility Automatic partitioning of data into training, validation and test portions; creation of validation columns.

Step 2: Tools Needed and Disclaimer

Purely random or stratified random methods to create the holdback sets. Validation column creation from platform launch by clicking validation column role.

Model averaging. Forward selection. Quantile regression. Zero inflated binomial, Beta binomial, Poisson, negative binomial, Gamma distribution. Advanced Multivariate Techniques Partial least squares PLS modeling PLS personality in Fit Model supports continuous or categorical response; continuous or categorical factors, interactions and polynomial terms. Choice of validation methods: Validation column, KFold, holdback, leave-one-out. Reliability Block Diagram Build models of complex system reliability.

Use basic, serial, parallel, knot, and K out of N nodes to build systems.

SPC Data Visualization of Seasonal and Financial Data Using JMP WHITE PAPER

Build nested designs using elements from design library. Covering Arrays Design and analyze covering arrays. Optimize designs after they are created for further run reduction. Use disallowed combinations filter to specify infeasible testing regions. Mixed Models Specify fixed, random and repeated effects. Correlate groups of variables, set up subject and continuous effects. Choice of repeated covariance structure. Uplift Models Decision tree method to identify the consumer segments most likely to respond favorably to an offer or treatment. Incremental, true-lift, net modeling technique.

Contingency Analysis Exact measures of association. Table 2: Details of mechanical tests Click here to view. Table 3: Percentage of variation in kVp accuracy Click here to view. Table 4: Calculated coefficient of variation of output Click here to view. Table 5: Comparison of measured and American College of Radiology recommended half.

Figure 1: Schematic representation of the wax insert in the accreditation phantom image 6 fibers, 5 speck groups, and 5 masses Click here to view. Table 6: Different size of objects in the wax insert Click here to view. Figure 2: Photograph of the single exposure high contrast resolution phantom Click here to view. Figure 3: a Experimental setup to measure the entrance dose. Figure 4: Calibration of mammography compression paddle Click here to view. Figure 5: Visibility details and objects of the wax insert seen on the exposed film Click here to view. Table 7: Visibility details and scores obtained in accreditation phantom for various mammography units Click here to view.

Figure 6: Visualization of countable bar pattern images on the exposed film Click here to view. Figure 7: Measurement of radiation survey at various locations Click here to view. Figure 8: Measurement of leakage radiation dose at various directions Click here to view. Figure 9: Image of the exposed film with biopsy phantom Click here to view.

Table 8: Measured entrance surface air kerma and calculated average glandular doses in unit 5 Click here to view. Related articles Average glandular dose measurement image quality mammography quality assurance.

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